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Car accidents can leave you severely injured, unable to work, and in debt. If you have been hurt in a car accident, it is important to contact our top personal injury attorneys. We will make sure you get the medical and financial compensation you deserve and protect you from being sued. 

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, statistics show that it will probably happen. While the vast majority of car accidents in the United States are minor collisions, that isn’t always the case. Car accidents can result in: 

  • Huge Medical Bills
  • Long Recovery Periods
  • Lifelong Disability
  • Emotional Trauma and Pain 

We Fight For You!

It is no secret that insurance companies are for-profit businesses. They will try to settle for as little money as they can. We know how to fight back against these tactics. Our top personal injury lawyers will aggressively pursue your case. We will not be pushed around by insurance companies trying to settle your claim to your disadvantage. We fight for you! So all you have to do is rest and be well and get the benefits you need to get back on the road. 

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Work is essential. Monday through Friday, you show up, punch the clock and get busy. The average American will spend more than 90,000 hours at work over the course of their life. But just about every job carries some risk of injury. In 2017, a work-related injury or illness cost 882,370 US workers an average of eight days at work. For more than 5,000 workers that year, it would be the last day they clocked in.

Robust Worker’s Compensation laws generally require all employers to maintain a worker’s compensation policy. Failure to maintain coverage can even result in criminal charges and jail time for employers. Worker’s Compensation can provide benefits such as:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Temporary Disability Payments
  • Permanent Disability Payments
  • Lump-Sum Payments Options

We Fight For You!

When you are injured at work, it may seem difficult or even impossible to do anything about it. Maybe you think it’s your fault you got hurt, or maybe you are afraid your employer will retaliate against you for filing a claim, costing you your job. We will stand up for your rights! Let our top personal injury lawyers prepare your case, so all you have to do is focus on recovering from your injuries.

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Slip, trip, and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Oftentimes,  these accidents could and should have been prevented. Business owners, property managers, and municipalities all owe you a responsibility to ensure that areas open to the public are kept free of dangers that can cause serious injuries. 

Carelessness, lack of preventative policies, and even outright disregard for safety lead to dangerous situations that can result in a slip, trip, and fall accident. Debilitating injuries can be caused by:

  • Broken Sidewalks
  • Faulty or Loose Stairs
  • Spilled Liquid
  • Inadequate Lighting

We Fight For You!

Our team of professional personal injury attorneys has recovered millions in damages by confidently pursuing just settlements for victims of slip, trip, and fall accidents. We handle the hard negotiations, making sure that your claim is resolved in as short a period of time as possible. We win or it’s free. Guaranteed.

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Life can be messy and complicated. Even more so when you have suffered an injury in an accident. While it may seem like you are all alone with the whole world against you, our top injury attorneys are here, around the clock to help. From day one, until long after your case is settled, you can count on our top injury attorneys. We make sure you get the best representation in a car accident, premises liability injury, or a worker’s compensation claim. So you are treated fairly by the insurance companies and receive the medical treatment, lost wages, and financial compensation you deserve. 

Consultations are always no obligation and totally free. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions, making sure you have the peace of mind you need to recover. We review your case from bottom to top, looking at every possible scenario and outcome. We provide personalized counsel to make sure you get the fair and just representation you are entitled with the respect you deserve.



    “But It’s Not A Serious Injury”

    An injury that might seem minor today, could potentially grow into something serious in the future. For instance, that minor neck strain could turn out to be a vertebrae misalignment requiring months of rehab. The smartest decision you can make when you are injured in an accident is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. 

    At our law firm, we have decades of experience working with the courts and insurance companies to get the best settlements for our clients. We fight for you so that you do not have to worry and stress about how you are going to pay medical bills, get your car fixed, or get back wages you have lost by not being able to work. 

    What drives us is making sure that responsible parties are held liable for the damage they cause, and those we represent are taken care of properly. Far beyond the money, we want you and your loved ones to be healthy, happy, and able to move forward after a car accident, workplace injury, or a slip, trip, and fall caused by someone else’s negligence.


    “I Was Injured In An Accident That Was Not My Fault. Am I Entitled To Compensation?”

    Our top professional lawyers know the unique and intricate laws of Pennsylvania better than anyone. Don’t leave your health, and the financial stability of your family, up to chance.

    •  We conduct a comprehensive review of your case looking at every possible scenario and outcome. 
    • We provide personalized representation that you need when an accident results in injury to you or your loved ones. 
    • We know how to fight back against the tactics used by insurance companies that want nothing more than to settle your case as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

    We are so confident in our team of lawyers and law professionals that you won’t pay a penny out of pocket. We win, or it’s free. That’s our guarantee.

    “How Long Will it Take?” 

    Hollywood often depicts courtroom dramas as quick trials, fiery speeches by well-dressed attorneys, compassionate juries, hard-nosed judges, and lavish settlements for the injured parties. Unfortunately, this is just for the movies. 

    The reality is that injury claims that are handled correctly take time. It takes time to properly scrutinize every aspect of your case. From interviewing witnesses, getting complete descriptions of the facts, gathering and analyzing the medical treatments and long-term expectations of your recovery, and comparing the facts to similar cases — a top injury attorney will never try and rush your case to settle quickly.

    In fact, the very last thing you want is for your case to be settled quickly. A quick resolution almost always means the insurance company has won. A quick settlement frequently leaves the injured party exposed to ongoing financial and medical losses with no recourse. 

    It might seem like the insurance company is trying to do ‘the right thing’ by taking responsibility and getting you paid, but that is not usually what they are offering. Quick payouts release the offending party from responsibility, so weeks, months, or even years later, when you are suffering from injuries that have gotten worse, they don’t have to deal with you. 

    Our accident lawyers are here specifically to prevent this tragedy. We won’t let an insurance company leave you broken and defeated after you have already suffered injuries, lost time and money, and have been shut out in the cold to fend for yourself.

    We have all seen the ‘injury mill’ attorneys and their high-dollar, tricked-out advertisements. The firms referred to as ‘ambulance chasers’ in countless jokes. You may have even visited one of their websites and seen the ridiculous claims of the stacks of cash they will put in your pocket if you sign up to have them handle your car accident or trip and fall claim. With dozens of attorneys and hundreds of legal professionals covering vast areas, these flashy outfits are often little more than scams. They won’t offer you the personal, one-on-one representation that is so important to putting your mind at ease and truly understanding your case. For many of these types of firms, you are just a number. Sure, they can get you some type of compensation, but they are always looking to shove you out the door to make room for the next batch of cases.

    Patience is a lot to ask from clients that have suffered devastating injuries. But remember, the best results take time. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

    “Why Should I Hire Your Firm?”

    We won’t brag about the hundreds of cases we have successfully litigated, only to treat you like you don’t matter. While we have won hundreds of cases and millions in settlements, what we brag about is how safe and secure you will feel when our team handles your case. 

    We employ only the best attorneys and legal professionals because anything less is a disservice to our mission. When you call our office, we will go the extra mile to answer your questions. We make sure you know exactly who is handling your case, what the latest status is, and what steps will be coming. 

    Peace of mind is knowing that you are never alone when dealing with an injury caused by an accident, and that is what motivates our accident attorneys. 

    Don’t Try To Go It Alone.

    Perhaps the only thing worse than hiring an ineffective lawyer that doesn’t care about you is taking on the insurance companies by yourself. Insurance companies are equipped with teams of lawyers who won’t hesitate to take advantage of people who represent themselves. They know they can push and threaten, holding up your case unnecessarily for weeks just to make you sweat, then ram an unfair settlement down your throat when they know you are desperate. No matter how simple or straightforward forward you think your case should be, hiring a top injury attorney will prevent the predatory practices of insurance companies bent on shutting you up. 

    When you hire our attorneys, you will have the very best personalized representation on your side, and the insurance companies will know that you mean business. We get respect from the insurance companies because they know we are willing to fight the long fight to get justice for our clients.

    The decision to hire an attorney to represent you in a car accident claim, worker’s compensation injury, or a premises liability slip, trip, and fall is not an easy one. We know you are inundated with the number of attorneys promising you the moon and stars for the price of your soul, all while guaranteeing that everything will turn out alright. The trust you place in us is the most valuable and important thing we seek. When we represent you, you become part of our family, and as a member of our family, we will never recommend that you accept a settlement that is less than what you deserve. 

    “Do I Really Need a Lawyer?” 

    We hear it all the time – clients come to us and say, “I was in an accident years ago, but I didn’t think I needed a lawyer. I didn’t get the settlement I thought I would, so this time I am hiring a personal injury accident attorney to handle my claim.”  

    People often think that their car accident, worker’s compensation claim, or personal injury complaint is ‘cut-and-dry’ or ‘too simple’ to justify the expense of hiring a professional injury lawyer.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your case is too simple to hire a lawyer to litigate. At our law offices, no case is too big, too small, too simple, nor too complicated. 

    Our decades of experience have taught us many things. One of the most important is that thinking you don’t need an accident attorney to handle your case is a grave mistake. Oftentimes, you will lose benefits you are entitled to receive, financial restitution to replace wages lost because you can’t work, and the care and that comes with knowing that the injury you suffered will forever be taken care of by professionals.  

    Sometimes, not hiring an attorney results in an even worse situation, leaving you broke, broken, and unable to move forward. 

    We have seen this type of scenario unfold countless times in the many years we have litigated personal injury claims. Someone will attempt to settle with an insurance company over a minor injury, such as a small car accident, or a trip and fall that resulted in a minor sprain, only to run into a wall of legal language that is complex and often is used to hide pitfalls that an individual who is not familiar with the law may stumble right into. When it comes to the law, ignorance is not bliss, and insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and sometimes even the courts will take advantage of what you don’t know. 

    Our team of attorneys know all the dirty tricks and how to counter them. We have seen every crazy, bizarre, unnecessary thing insurance companies and opposing attorneys will try in order to get their clients off without taking full responsibility for the reason you were hurt in an accident. 

    Comparative Negligence

    In Pennsylvania, we have a ‘comparative negligence’ standard that is applied to full and limited torts involving personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death in automobile collisions, slip, trip, and fall accidents, and worker’s compensation claims. For someone not familiar with these terms and how the law applies them in various cases, it becomes quite easy to see how insurance companies and opposing attorneys can reduce the liability of their client by knowing the law and using that knowledge against you. 

    Let’s say, for example, you are driving through Philadelphia on your way to have lunch with a friend. Light rain is falling as you accelerate from a stoplight that has just turned green. A car traveling in the opposite direction suddenly turns left in front of you and your cars collide in the intersection. You had a green light and the other driver clearly turned into you, and witnesses saw it happen. Sounds cut and dry, right? Not so fast.  

    Let’s say you did not have your headlights on, creating a situation where your vehicle was not easily visible to the other driver. The other driver’s insurance company argues that you are at least partially responsible for the accident because you did not have your headlights on as required by law in Pennsylvania. The court may agree, and using the comparative negligence standard, could reduce your claimable damages proportionally or entirely. In some cases, the court may even determine that the accident was your fault, making you liable for the injuries and damages suffered by the other driver. 

    In the above example, our personal injury attorneys would be able to discuss the intricacies of the law with you before the courts can impose a decision. We fight on your behalf, ensuring that loopholes in the law are not used against you to allow the insurance company to wriggle out of paying your damages. 

    We win, or it’s free. That’s our guarantee. 

    That is one reason why our attorneys only get paid only when you win. We don’t want to see you lose the benefits you deserve, or receive inadequate medical treatment, and be left to pick up the pieces of your life alone. We don’t want you to worry about the cost of litigation when all you should be concerned with is your health and wellbeing. We want to help you, and we want to make sure that those who cause injury are prevented from being able to hurt even more people.


    “How Much Will I Receive?”

    In most cases, insurance companies looking to settle a claim with someone who is not represented by an attorney will make a low-ball offer and claim it is the best deal you will get, even if it doesn’t cover all your expenses. They will drag a claim out, forcing you to pay medical bills and damages to your property out of pocket, with no guarantee you will ever get that money back. When you hire our attorneys, we handle everything from step one until long after your claim is done. We arrange with medical providers and physical therapists to get you the care you need with no out-of-pocket expense, and coordinate with repair facilities to get your vehicle fixed or replaced, even set up a rental vehicle as needed. 

    Generally, legal fees claimed by your attorney are around 33 percent of the settlement amount. While this amount can seem high, it is important to understand that typical settlement payouts for injured individuals with legal representation received payouts that were 340 percent higher than unrepresented individuals, according to survey data compiled by Martindale-Nolo. Research in 2017. They found that the average injury settlement nationwide was $52,600, with typical ranges from $3,000 to $75,000. Most notable was the finding that represented individuals received, on average, settlements above $60,000, while 30 percent of unrepresented individuals received no settlement at all.

    Very few attorneys will recommend accepting the first offer made by an insurance company, and for good reason. The data from Martindale-Nolo found that individuals who accepted the first offer received an average settlement of $11,800, while negotiated settlements were significantly higher, averaging $42,000. A personal injury lawyer is essential to the negotiating process because we know the laws, and we know what the insurance companies look for in order to make excuses for cutting your settlement down. We are here to protect you, not profit off of your suffering. 

    More than anything, our attorneys are here to help you. We want to see you healthy, happy, and in control of your destiny. There are many uncertainties surrounding an accident, whether it is a car collision, slip and fall, or a work-related injury. Nothing is ever simple, and no case is ever cut-and-dry. Don’t take chances on your future by assuming that someone will do the right thing when their actions caused you to be injured. Hire a top personal injury attorney and get the settlement you deserve.

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