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Statistically, the average American driver will be involved in an accident every 18 years, approximately three to four accidents over the course of a lifetime. Having a top attorney to handle your claim will provide you protection from the devastating consequences that can come from even minor collisions. Our attorneys know the laws and how best to proceed making sure that you do not become another statistic. People who hire an attorney to handle their car accident claims typically have a higher settlement amount, get better care and are able to move forward with their lives more quickly than people who try and handle a claim on their own.

Do You Need An Automobile Accident Attorney?

Coping with a car accident is both a physically and mentally demanding experience. Unless you have been in one yourself it can be tough to fully comprehend the ordeal you go through. 

But you don’t have to go through a car accident situation alone. If you’re struggling to figure out the next steps to take, Speak with a car accident lawyer to help guide you through the process. You may be entitled to payment for lost wages, current, and future medical bills, the cost of repairing your vehicle, and more. 

What Causes A Car Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over three million people are injured in car accidents each year.

Many factors can determine the severity of a car accident. Understanding the type of accident you are involved in can be key when determining what steps to take to make sure you are proactive about the situation. The cause of the car accident may include:

  • Drunk Drivers  – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States. In 2016 alone, over one million drivers were apprehended for DUIs nationwide. 
  • Speeding Drivers – Speed is a leading contributor to traffic accidents on the roads. Cars colliding at high speeds can cause grave, long-lasting injuries and even on-the-spot fatalities.
  • Distracted Drivers – Texting or using a cell phone, day-dreaming, radio controls, pets, and children can take your attention away from the road. It only takes a split second to miss a traffic signal,  hit a pedestrian, or lose control of the vehicle.
  • Bad Weather – According to the Federal Highway Administration, 22% of vehicular accidents are weather-related. Rain, hail, and snow can make roads extra slippery and bright sunlight and fog and affect your vision. 
  • Hazardous Road Conditions – The responsibility for the maintenance of roads is divided by the cities, counties, and states.  Potholes, road erosion, missing guardrails, and faulty design can all cause or contribute to vehicular accidents. 

What Injuries Can I Get From a Car Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over three million people are injured in car accidents each year. If you have recently been in a car accident, here are some injuries to look out for.

Scrapes, Cuts, and Gashes

These types of injuries are the most common and most overlooked injuries after a car accident. Damage to the skin can lead to infection if not treated. Lacerations are usually caused by broken glass, car part debris, the airbag itself, along with other loose objects such as phones, keys, etc. They can result in a lot of pain and probably even stitches depending on the severity of the cut.


Whiplash is basically soft tissue injuries in the head, neck, and shoulder areas. This injury is caused by the body being suddenly and forcefully thrown back and forth during a car accident. Though usually short-term, whiplash can develop into chronic pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders in the future if not immediately treated properly.


Concussions are a form of closed head injury. A concussion can result from your head being thrown back and forth. Less severe closed head injuries typically result in concussions, while more severe impacts can cause brain damage. You may be able to feel signs of a concussion almost immediately, such as headaches, fainting, dizziness, or ringing in the ears. Concussions should be attended to immediately.

Emotional Trauma

Almost 10 percent of car crash victims develop some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (also called PTSD) due to the incident. PTSD is a stress response from a traumatic event.

PTSD occurs when your body recreates the experience even if it is simply reminded of what happened. Some of the lingering effects of PTSD include feelings of anxiety and watchfulness, avoidance of cars in general, and feeling more on edge when driving. Trauma from a car crash can influence your quality of life for an untold amount of time. You may live with trauma from a car crash forever. 

If you are lucky enough to walk away from a car accident physically unharmed, you still might have to deal with the heavy mental toll of worrying about possible future injuries. It’s common that an injury won’t show until much later after the fact. Not to mention the stress and from worrying about damage and repair to your car and missed days off work.

What Happens After A Car Accident?

  • You may be injured and be unable to work. The injuries from your automobile accident may prevent you from attending to your basic needs without assistance. This is especially difficult for those without family or close friends.
  • You may have piling medical and hospital bills. Through no fault of your own, your life has changed and you may be facing a pile of medical bills and late fees.
  • You might not even have a car anymore. Your car might be totaled or in need of serious repairs.
  • You may not be able to live the life you once did before the car accident occurred. You may feel angry at the outcome of the situation. You may even feel that overwhelmed by all of the events happening after the fact.

These are all completely normal ways to feel.

So What Do You Do Now?

  1. Get Medical Attention

Before you consider anything else, you must seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait to receive treatment. The longer you wait to attend to an injury after a car accident, the more likely the effects can potentially disable you. 

Even if you believe you have not been substantially injured, go to the hospital anyway. At least have a medical professional examine you so that you can have a record of your concern for your physical well-being.

Your health is the most important aspect of this situation. Whatever expenses are incurred after the car crash should not be your primary concern. Take care of yourself, find treatment for your injuries, and focus on healing properly. 

  1. Do Not Sign Anything

Do not sign anything that would hold you liable for the car accident. Once you sign a document and consent to any fault, your chance of receiving a settlement will likely decrease. You do not need to accept fault to receive treatment. 

Keep your documents organized and categorized. Maintain a record of every doctor you see and every diagnosis. Find out the name of every associate you speak with. Make sure you have the names and addresses of physical therapy locations. 

  1. Take Down Details

Every bit of information you provide can help your case against the negligent driver. Get in the habit of taking down detailed notes. Keep track of dates and appointment times. The more information you can keep track of and provide, the more well-informed your motor accident attorney will be. 

If you receive any bills or invoices for your medical expenses, keep them along with everything else. Document what you have had to pay out of pocket for and keep those receipts as well.

Out of pocket expenses can include products or services you have needed to purchase to maintain a decent quality of life after the incident occurred. These services can include home aids if you are unable to care for yourself.

  1. Get The Help Of A Professional Car Accident Lawyer

Now you will need a professional car accident attorney to review your situation and help you understand what you are responsible for and what you rightfully deserve. 

You may be wondering in your time of need “how can I access a personal injury attorney near me?” With the help of 1-800-HURT-NOW, you can almost instantly become connected with practicing car injury attorneys in your area to discuss your options. There are car accident law firms in all fifty states that you can discover through the hotline.

What Am I Entitled To?

The settlement amount for car accidents is largely dependent upon the severity of the accident and injuries. Your lawyers will also take into consideration the extent of property damage, and the pain and suffering you experience due to the crash. 

The average settlement amount for a car accident is around the range of $14,000 and $28,000. The more permanent the resulting injuries are, the more the settlement could potentially be worth. 

If the responsible driver is found to be driving unsafely or had been driving under the influence at the time of the incident, this factor may also increase the amount of the settlement. If you are in need of surgery, this constitutes a higher settlement as well. 

Medical Expenses

The medical costs and compensation range vastly due to the nature of injuries. Some injuries can be as expensive as $60,000 or more. This truly depends on the type of treatment and care you receive. 

Medical expenses that may be included are:

  • Hospital visits
  • Procedures such as X-rays and MRIs
  • Devices such as wheelchairs or walkers
  • Pain medication, both prescribed and over the counter
  • Physical therapy and pain management services
  • Mental health counseling due to injury-related trauma
  • Home-Aides to perform basic life functions
  • Travel expenses incurred going to and from appointments. 

Property Damage

Damage to your person and damage to your personal property are considered separately. If you are not found at fault and an inspector determines your car was not damaged before the accident occurred, you will more than likely receive the amount of the automobile back at the very least.

If your automobile accident resulted in being unable to return to work, you should be entitled to the full amount of wages you would have earned. Your potential earnings are calculated by your pay stubs and your average salary. 

Pain and Suffering

The cost of pain and suffering is usually one to three and a half times the amount of your medical bills. Pain and suffering can typically be estimated to $30,000, even for small injuries.

This amount is valued based on the severity of the injury, however, and can be thousands of dollars more depending on the extent of the damage and injuries. 

1-800-HURT-NOW Can Help!

Car accidents are horrible events. It is a very unfortunate situation when you or someone you know and love has to suffer through the aftermath. There are so many aspects to consider when dealing with the fallout from an auto accident. 

You may be in this situation because of an irresponsible or negligent driver who did not take proper precautions when out on the road. Not only is this unfair, but you deserve justice and to be rightly compensated. Even though car accidents can be very scary, know that you do not have to go through this alone.

Get The Help From A Professional Car Accident Attorney

Don’t underestimate the extent to which a car accident can negatively impact your life. Don’t wait to find out if you can receive compensation before it is too late to receive anything at all.  

If you do not take the time to seek treatment, you may not be eligible for a settlement.

Take your health seriously. There are so many options out there that it can seem intimidating at first. Finding a law firm that has your best interests at heart is time-consuming. However, the time you take to find a lawyer is worth it considering the information above. 

You have options. 1-800-HURT-NOW can help you access a car accident injury attorney to provide you with the care and attention that you need to win a settlement case. 

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